San Jose Hilton Homewood Suites

VC Development Group was pleased to assist in the entitlements, permits, and construction of this Silicon Valley Hotel, which was built on the site of an existing ‘unlicensed’ landfill.

  • 3.5 Acre Site
  • $47 million, 4 Story, 145 Rooms, wood frame hotel, on conventional spread footings
  • Negotiated $2.5 million savings into a $26 million GMAX contract with General Contractor, Deacon
  • Site was an existing undocumented, unlicensed landfill ‘dump’ in late 1950’s with its challenges
  • Required over-excavated 12’-0”, removing and hauling off Class II Waste Material
  • Were able to convince local authorities, to allow re-compaction and on-site burial of Class I Waste Material, and ‘capped’ with inexpensive excess clean clay fill, from Apple’s new Cupertino office project.
  • Project Architect (DLR Group) Severe Design and coordination issues were leading to delayed permit, field inspection delays, and added project costs. We instituted and held two ‘page turner’ sessions with all related parties to rein in the issues, and managed three months savings ($1.2 Million based on future NOI) by personally expediting Foundation Only, and Final Building Permits, despite the issues with the AOR (Architect of Record)
  • Additionally saved 60 days due to weather delays by utilizing ‘quarry fines’ (aggregate) to stabilize Building Pad. ($800K savings based on future hotel NOI of $400,000 per month)
Address 4315 N. 1st Street, San Jose CA 95134
County Santa Clara
Site Size Acres +/-  3.5 acres
Site Size SF SF Total
Number of Parcels 1 Parcel Total
Zone District
Opportunity Zone
Maximum Keys 145
Maximum Height
Existing Structures Vacant Land